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Derek J. of Baldwin, NY
Tuesday, March 22nd
Linda from Manhasset, NY has had his SaniDry installed by Healthy Basement Systems a year ago and -- as she mentions -- the ENERGY STAR qualified SaniDryXP "revolutionized" her life. She now enjoys cleaner air, a healthier home, and mold free basement-- all without the hassle of having to empty dehumidifier trays twice a day in the summer, like she used to. The SaniDry runs continuously, maintenance free, emptying itself in the drainage system.  "In the summer we can actually go away for a couple of days and not have to worry about a hot, sticky and mildewy basement when we came back." She is very happy with her SaniDry and tells everybody about it. "I think you should get one!"
Linda of Manhasset, NY
Friday, May 23rd
Mr. Swenson had plans to finish the basement in his Mineola, NY home, but before transforming it in additional living space he that project he needed to be sure that his basement would not leak of flood.He looked into several companies and chose Healthy Basement Systems for the job. After inspecting the property, Healthy Basement System's design specialist custom designed a solution that just made sense for Mr.Swenson. He is very confident that the patented, exclusive waterproofing products installed in his basement will handle water seepage and protect his basement for many years to come. "I can finish my basement now with the total peace of mind that water won't be an issue" -- says Mr. Swenson.
Mr. S. of Mineola, NY
Thursday, December 11th
John C. from Lindenhurst, NY recently had his basement cleaned up and sealed by Healthy Basement Systems. "Since we used Healthy Basement Systems, neither condition has arisen."
John C. of Lindenhurst, NY
Mrs. Zito couldn't be happier with the work performed by Healthy Basement Systems in the basement of her Melville, NY home. Having started on a monday, by Thursday she had a completely dry and clean basement, with brand new flooring and wall covering systems installed, new windows and a bathroom. The crew, who was courteous, clean and punctual, was also specially careful cleaning up an existing vintage bar from the 1950s."It was a phenomenal job that they did with this basement" -- she concludes, adding that she would highly recommend the company to anyone with a wet basement problem in Long Island.
D. Z. of Melville, NY
Thursday, December 11th
Every year in early spring, the basement in Joe D.’s West Islip, NY home would get water from the snow melt. One of Joe’s neighbors who had a similar problem had it solved with the help of Healthy Basement Systems, so he decided to call the company to fix his basement as well. Immediately after having a full perimeter WaterGuard system and a quality sump pump installed, Joe noticed that the solution worked as well as he expected. “I recommend this system to anyone that has a problems that is similar to mine,” says Joe.
Joe D. of West Islip, NY
Tuesday, April 7th
Richard W. from Aquebogue, NY just loves his SaniDry dehumidifier! Not only it makes the basement drier and fresh-smelling but his entire house feels cooler during the steamy Long Island summers. The unity, was installed in his basement by Healthy Basement Systems as part of the basement waterproofing project. The SaniDry effectively controls moisture throughout the house, even in the most hot and humid days. Richard is very happy with the entire experience he had with Healthy Basement Systems."The service that you guys give is terrific, the original install is great, nice people to deal with.I will tell you. I would recommend Bill Simone's Healthy Basement Systems to anybody!" concludes Richard.
Richard W. of Aquebogue, NY
  Donna C. lives in Long Island, and as it happens to many homes in that area, her home's basement was very humid and unhealthy. After inspecting the property, Bill Simone's Healthy Basement Systems recommended and installed the powerful SaniDry dehumidifier. "They recommended that I buy a dehumidifier which has been a life saver," says Donna. "I am so happy with it!"
Donna C. of Long Island, NY
The basement in Barry's Long Island home used to flood often, and he was tired of cleaning it up, so he called Healthy Basement Systems to see it they could help fix the problem once and for all.Barry was really impressed with the company from the start. He appreciated the fact that the system design specialist not only carefully inspected the property, but was also very thorough in explaining to him the causes of the problem and presenting him with all the available options."The production crew that came in was very neat, they cleaned up everything that was there. Basically you would never know that we had any work done!"He was even more pleasantly surprised with the fact that, when the system design specialist realized he had forgot to give Barry the discount he was entitled to, he notified the office and Barry got a refund check from Healthy Basement Systems two or three days later. "I felt that they would be very reputable and take care of it if there were any problems in the future. To date, everything is working fine."
Barry S. of Long Island, NY
I went with Healthy Basement Systems because of their triple safe pump and the great prices. I found them to be very thorough,punctual,helpful and courteous. I was very happy with the services rendered.
Anthony R. of Atlantic Beach, NY
Tuesday, October 25th
I heard about Healthy Basement Systems from my neighbors. The office staff was very helpful. The presentation the representative gave in our home was very good and informational. The installation crew arrived on time and they were polite and kept the work area clean. I would highly recommend them.
Garvin M. of Atlantic Beach, NY
Wednesday, June 26th
Crew was great, proffessional and nice. Accomodating and respectful. Gabriel Ryan was thorough in his inspection and helped identify the issues in my basement. 
Alex F. of Cedarhurst, NY
Thursday, July 26th
The entire experience was great. From the very first call to the office to the clean up by the installation crew. Just a great job overall!
Buchsbaum A. of Hewlett, NY
From the very first call to the office the service was excellent. The Designer arrived on time and was very informative.I am looking forward to having the work done.
Hal W. of Valley Stream, NY
Wednesday, May 9th
After finding Healthy Basement Systems online I called the office for an appointment. The office staff was excellent and our designer Ian was very good. The owner Bill called us himself when we had some extra questions and explained the benefits of the different pumps to us. Overall we had a great experience!
Robert B. of Valley Stream, NY
Saturday, February 9th
I would be happy to recommend Healthy Basement System to people. The office staff, salesman, and the work crew were very courteous and helpful. They were a pleasure to work with.The cleanup was very pristine. All in all the job was professionally done and I am well pleased.
Ronald & Angela H. of Valley Stream, NY
Tuesday, December 6th
The office staff was very helpful.  I was impressed with your rating from the Better Business Bureau, The crew worked diligently and the clean up was very good. Your crew and personell were very courteous.
Burton K. of Island Park, NY
Monday, November 7th
The office staff was courteous and made an appt. rather quickly.  Richard Alexander came to my house and I was very impressed.  The presentation was great and the video answered all the questions.  I believed in the science behind the product.  I was able to schedule the work to be done within 1 week.  Deon and his crew arrived on time and had the job finished within 1 day.  They were very professional and cleaned up leaving no mess behind.      
William D. of Island Park, NY
Monday, December 23rd
As always, service technician was on time. He has been here a few times and is always very courteous and informative. 
Karen D. of Island Park, NY
Monday, May 21st
Your price was several hundred dollars higher than a worthy competitor, but I thought the approach was better thought out and the materials used are more durable & reliable than the competitors. Workmanship really was even better than expected.
Karla H. of Long Beach, NY
We found the office staff to be very helpful, the representative was very good, the crew arrived on time and was courteous and they cleaned up after themselves. We were very satisfied. Thanks Healthy Basements!
Paul P. of Long Beach, NY
Tuesday, November 1st
Anthony was patient to find what was wrong and was great and courteous and cleaned up after
Barbara G. of Long Beach, NY
Tuesday, April 16th
We called Healthy Basement Systems & one other company for an estimate to seal our crawl space. A representative of the other company came first. He went into the crawl space wearing regular work clothes, spent about 15 minutes there & came out. He showed us a couple of photos and said he would send an estimate. Eric Greenberg of Healthy Basement Systems came about 2 weeks later. But in the meantime he had sent us a book about what to expect. When Eric showered up, he sat with us and explained some of the things that might be needed, then got ready to go into the crawl space. He put on a hazmat suit, gloves and a respirator mask. He spent about 45 minutes to an hour down there, taking pictures and measurements. When he emerged, he took off the suit and came inside to go over everything. He took us step by step through the process and calculated the cost for each step. The total cost was slightly higher than the first company, but it included several things that the first quote didn't plus a few things that were an improvement. We signed up immediately. Nick Tasman was the foreman of the crew that came to do the job. They came on schedule, but due to the heavy rains from Henri, there was about 2 inches of water that had seeped up from the ground, and they didn't want to do the full job with that much water. They did what they could, which included installing the pump. It was then our job to get an electrician and a plumber to hook up the pump. Once this was done, Nick and his crew were back to complete the job. The crawl space is now dry. A difficult job done perfectly.
Lillian B. of Long Beach, NY
Thursday, September 16th
I am 100% satisfied. I no longer worry every time it rains. I can sleep at night.
Evan G. of East Rockaway, NY
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