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Sump Pump Repair & Maintenance in Long Island

Checking your Sump Pump

Strange noises or cycling on and off are typical sump pump issues that Healthy Basement Systems can help fix! 

A sump pump removes excess water from areas such as the basement and keeps your home from flooding. So it’s a big deal if your sump pump stops working. Like any mechanical equipment, a sump pump might stop running for many reasons. Contacting a sump pump repair professional is the safest and quickest way to resolve your issues.

Healthy Basement Systems' full-service Long Island sump pump technicians are trained to the highest standards – which means they can tackle any problem with knowledge and skill. We can assist with sump pump service and repairs from the simplest issues tasks to the most complicated ones.

Sump Pump Problems

  • Sump pump isn't running or is running constantly
  • Sump pump runs but doesn’t remove water
  • Loud noises, humming, or beeping coming from the sump pump system
  • Musty mildew smell in the basement or living space

Sump Pump Services

  • Sump pump diagnostics & cleaning
  • Battery testing & replacement
  • Sump pump repair, service & annual maintenance
  • Sump pump replacement

Why is my sump pump not working?

Sump pumps can fail for various reasons, including power outages, lack of maintenance, old age, or improper installation. Here are the primary causes of sump pump failure:

  • Check valve failure
  • Switch failure
  • Float stuck
  • Power failure
  • Motor burnout
  • Casing failure
  • Discharge line clog or leak

How do you fix a sump pump problem?

Test & Clean the Pump

Your sump pump consists of many moving parts that can wear down or need replacement. Your service technician will check your sump pump's float switch and intake for any possible problems. After this, the intake valve and impeller will be cleaned and checked to ensure they function correctly. Once the service technician finds that the pump is working correctly, the sump pump liner will be cleaned of any sediment or silt that may be present. This crucial step will keep it from building in the future and potentially clogging check valves, etc.

Test & Replace Batteries

The battery in your WaterWatch® Sump Pump Alarm should be replaced once a year, and the service technician will take care of this during the visit. Additionally, your backup sump pump's battery will be tested to ensure it's holding a proper charge.

Check the Discharge Line

We will check the discharge line to ensure that water is freely moving through the discharge line. We also check for the potential for freezing.

Repair & Replace Systems

Often, our service technicians will see signs of newly emerging problems that may not have existed before and they can offer or implement solutions that will address these issues proactively. Our product line continually expands to help keep your basement or crawl space dry!

Why call Healthy Basement Systems?

Dirt and sediment build-up in a sump pump liner can cause pump failure, and you get flooded if that happens. Even with a generator, a dead pump or blocked discharge line will do you no good. Neglecting to get your pump serviced can result in water in your basement. Battery backup pump systems need to be run-tested and have the batteries checked. Let us find the problems before they find you.

We repair, service, and replace sump pumps every day. Whether it's a tripped breaker, a bad check valve, or a burned-out motor, our professionals will know how to fix the problem and get your sump pump back in working condition. If your sump pump can’t be repaired, we can recommend and install a replacement, as well as a battery backup. Our technicians can also perform regular maintenance or recommend steps to maintain your sump pump throughout the year to avoid major issues.

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