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Our 3-Step Mold Cleaning & Protection Program has proven to be one of the most effective and least expensive tools of its kind on the market today, providing an intelligent, proactive answer at a fraction of building material and replacement costs.

Advanced technology in the 3-step process will safely scrub and protect the infected areas thoroughly.

Step 1: HEPA Vacuum

mold remediation step 1

Mold and bacteria attach themselves to surfaces within colonies called biofilms (places where organisms can hide).

Scrubbing the surface with HEPA Vacuum brushes will remove all loose particles from the surface.

The HEPA filters trap fine particles, including mold spores and dust mites.

This is the safest method of cleaning an area, as it reduces the particulates that may go into the air.

Step 2: Spray, Neutralize, Clean, and Eradicate Mold

mold remediation step 2

Anabec's Cleaning Solution successfully eradicates the biofilm and leaves only a hygienic surface.

The cleaned surface is then sprayed with our Anabec Cleaning Solution. Anabec's Cleaning Solution successfully eradicates the biofilm and leaves a hygienic surface.

Step 3: Shield and Protect

mold remediation step 3

AnaShield bonds to most surfaces leaving an invisible and durable coating behind. (Works on materials like carpet, fabric, leather, ceiling tiles, rubber, metals, wood, plastic, concrete, and brick.)

The final step is to protect the surface against mold & bacteria growth. AnaShield is sprayed on the treated surface which gives a permanent Antimicrobial Shield. AnaShield is EPA registered and is environmentally safe and bonds to most surfaces leaving an invisible durable coating.

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