Foundation Repair Case Studies: Shed and Retaining Wall Repaired in Farmingdale, NY

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The back wall of this homeowner's shed was actually acting as a retaining wall. It had bowed from the force of the dirt pushing behind it. The shed's wall were also very damp with trickles of water coming through the morter. The homeowner did not want to knock the shed down because of cost and they needed the storage space.


We used 3 of our products to accomplish her needs. First, we put CarbonArmor strips on the wall to stabilize it. We then installed our CleanSpace wall product to reduce moisture and make the walls look bright and clean. Lastly, we put PowerBraces on the wall which we were able to straighten the wall. With continued tightening over time, this wall has a good chance of going back to it's original position! The homeowner said that she never expected it to come out looking so well. She was extremely happy!

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