Basement Remodeling Cost & Pricing in Long Island

Elegant modern remodeled basement

Healthy Basement Systems provides a quality, long-lasting basement finishing system.

Selecting Healthy Basement Systems to install Total Basement Finishing™'s basement finishing system is a choice of long-lasting beauty and value for your newly finished space.

Our goal is to provide and install quality basement finishing materials that have been designed specifically for the basement environment, so they'll last for decades to come.

While there are cheaper alternatives to our system on the market, we've developed, researched, and tested a basement finishing system that we believe offers the most valuable return on your home improvement investment.

For a free, no-obligation basement remodeling estimate, call or contact us online today! Healthy Basement Systems proudly serves Long Island, including areas surrounding Oyster Bay.

Why hire a professional?

Basements are unique spaces that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with support beams, staircases, pipes, furnaces, water heaters, heating ducts, windows, and a variety of other obstacles.

Healthy Basement Systems has installed finished basements of all types - from bathrooms and bedrooms to home theaters, personal spas, and basement bars. To put it simply: no two basement finishing jobs are exactly the same.

Basement finishing cost

Basement Finishing Pricing

We provide no-cost, no-obligation free basement finishing estimates to homeowners throughout Oyster Bay, Islip, Brookhaven, and nearby. Some questions we ask before the quote on the total cost:

  • How large is your basement?
  • How many rooms would you like?
  • Will you need egress windows?
  • What kinds of appliances and electrical work will you need?
  • Will you be having custom carpeting installed?

Professional basement finishing services in Long Island

Healthy Basement Systems would like to offer a free, no-obligation visit from one of our basement finishing specialists, who can visit your home and help you decide on the best basement finishing cost for you.

Our specialists are trained and certified at the Total Basement Finishing™ international headquarters in Seymour, Connecticut to ensure that your service is of the highest professional quality. When we visit your home, we'll conduct a professional assessment of your basement, and make recommendations for the most effective options for your project.

Our basement finishing system is ideal for a versatile range of design possibilities, and include many options for your basement flooring, finished walls, drop ceiling, and energy-efficient windows.

Don't wait to transform your basement into a warm, comfortable, and naturally private space! Contact us by phone or e-mail today to schedule your appointment!

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