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Sagging Floor Repair, Roosevelt
The homeowner gave us a call because they noticed their main floor was starting to sag into their basement. 
Water Draining and Water Proofing in Uniondale
A couple of months ago our customers ended up with a foot of water in their basement. The husband was able to pump the water out and handle everything. However, the water...
Upgrading a Dehumidifier to Remove Humidity for a Roslyn Heights Basement
This homeowner had an old dehumidifier that was not keeping the relative humidity at acceptable levels. It was installed inside a wall with a closet and slop sink. She wanted...
Fixed water and humidity basement problems in Roslyn Heights, NY
Mr. H called us in because he had water coming in from the imperfect joint where the wall meets the floor. It was mostly happening during heavy rains. To make things worse,...
Rotted Floor Joists are Replaced with PowerBrace & SmartJack in Merrick, NY
This home's floor sunk 4 inches because of rotting floor joists in the crawl space. The dryer vent had come apart in the crawl space and the humid moist air was flowing into...
The customer called saying their basement is prone to flooding and there are cracks in the walls. The basement had a faulty sump pump and was falling apart. 
Waterproofing in Merrick, NY
The customer of this project was experiencing basement flooding and water damage.
Crawl Space Encapsulation, Merrick
Homeowner had a crawl space that had a high humidity level making the perfect breading grounds for mold. They also had a crawl space that was unusbale. 
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Merrick
This homeowner has a crawl space attached to their basement but wasn't using it because it wasn't insulated and they didn't want to crawl in dirt every time they used their...
Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, Merrick
This homeowner's basement walls were bowing and cracked and would let water in whenever it would rain. 
Basement Waterproofed, GEO Locks Installed in Bellmore, NY
Ms. W. had recently purchased the home. She called us in because she was concerned with the horizontal cracks inside her basement alongside the front of the house. Additionally,...
Mold Eliminated and Crawlspace Encapsulated in North Bellmore
The customer recently bought a house and during inspection, they were told they may need to encapsulate and insulate the crawlspace. Gabriel Ryan, one of our system design...
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