5 Reasons Why Healthy Basement Systems is the Most Trustworthy and Reliable Basement Finishing Company

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 by Kenneth Ruddick

Healthy Basement Systems specializes in finishing basements the right way. Finishing a basement requires special attention because the basement environment varies greatly from the rest of the home. Need further reasons to trust us? Here are five reasons why we are the most trustworthy and reliable basement finishing company:

  1. We specialize in All Things Basementy™! We provide high-quality basement finishing, waterproofing solutions, and mold removal with patented products made in America. We have numerous awards for our contracting expertise and over 400+ positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

  2. We use products specifically for basements. Basements are cooler than the rest of the home, and when damp, humid air gets into the basement, it provides the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Real wood should never be installed on a basement floor because it absorbs water vapor from the concrete slab and swells, gets moldy and rots.  We use mold resistant finishing products such as BrightWall wall paneling systems and ThermalDry flooring systems which are not only mold resistant, but boast a luxurious look. Some basements have waterproofing issues that need to be addressed. Our patented TripleSafe sump pump, a three in one sump pump system, drains basements even if the power goes out. The SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier will filter and clean the air and dehumidifies the basement.

  3. Healthy Basement Systems is pushing the industry forward. We are a part of a network of over 400 contractors, and our patented products are far more superior to our competitor’s offerings. Our expertise and products have absolutely changed the game. We offer free estimates and fair prices for products that last. Plus, our waterproofing solutions carry a lifetime of the home guarantee. We care about the customer and we are efficient and knowledgeable.

  4. Being a part of such a vast network of contractors gives us access to hundreds of thousands of case studies and a plethora of research and development. We all share information with each other and learn how to do better. These contractors specialize in a variety of other fields from roofing to home remodeling; we are all connected and offer every convenience and protection for the standard American household. We care about our customers and are comprised of hardworking individuals such as yourselves.

  5. We have won numerous awards for our work. We won the NARI Contractor of the Year Award for New York as well as the entire northeast region for a finished basement, Bethpage Best of Long Island 2017, Best of Medford 2017, and we have won the Pulse of the City Award for the past four years!

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