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Monday, June 11th, 2018 by Kenneth Ruddick

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On June 5th and 6th, I had the opportunity to attend Marketing Super Training at Basement System's headquarters in Seymour, CT. It's always nice to catch up with our friends across the Long Island Sound and to meet new marketing professionals within our network of contractors. 

Katherine Gulick and Tom Matthews, our National Marketing Manager and Director respectively, put together and ran the training. On the first day, we did some introductions and got to know everyone. We went over the  various print advertisements that Basement Systems was utilizing this year. Some included direct mail, promotional cards, and coupons to name a few. Next, Account Managers Kerri Pomponio and Kristiana Estiler went over some of the most valuable content that we should be putting onto our websites, which will generate traffic and optimize the website. Emily Assad, who specializes in local searches and inbound marketing, gave a presentation on social media optimization and went over some of the new features that became available on Google. She also gave out some of the video editing and analytic tools she uses such as Magisto and Sendible. I'll definitely be looking into those. Lastly on day one, Rob Thomas, our guest presenter, talked about the importance of networking and went over his winning method of successful networking. Rob is famous for his line "It's all about who you know".

On day two, we started off with a presentation about new technology. Specifically, we spoke about marketing automation and artificial intelligence. It's amazing that robot's can now create other robots that are smarter and more efficient that what us humans have built. Let that sink in for a moment. We also learned more about direct mail strategies, and television strategies. Be on the lookout for Bill Simone on TV! Lastly, we spoke about the importance of negotiating and how to develop mutually beneficial relationships. 

All in all, I was able to learn so much about new and emerging technologies and techniques in the marketing and advertising field. Being a part of the Contractor Nation network is great because of training oppurtunities like this, and it allows for one to speak with and get to know other's in our field. That alone is invaluable because you can learn about what techniques work well from past experience. I look forward to my next trip to Connecticut, and as always, I will bring some of Long Island's finest bagels with me. 

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