Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Cold Floors Need Some Insulation in Syosset, NY

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This homeowner built an addition onto their house and put floor joists on a dirt floor. Although there was already R-12 insulation, the floor was very cold. He wanted to have a more energy efficient home and a solution to the cold floors.


Our solution to help him with this was to encapsulate the dirt to keep any earthy smells and water vapor from coming up into the room, isolating the earth from the house. The we put our SilverGlo insulation in between the joists with the reflective material on top facing the room to reflect any heat back into the room. We then spray foamed the outer edges. We also did the sill because that lets air in. In addition, we added SmartJacks to stabilize the floor from squeaking or sagging. We believe the customer will be so happy with the energy savings he will experience!

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