Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Lew H. in South hampton, NY

Securing the services of Healthy Basement is one of the best investments I have made in my home over the past 30 years. A 2002 addition to my home, including basement space, resulted in a basement that was constantly damp. I had problems with mildew that limited the use of the basement. In early 2019 torrential rains resulted in a half-inch of water on 15% of the basement floor. That prompted me to find a solution to my problems.


Consultations with 5 contractors yielded recommendations that varied greatly. Some were very costly and potentially disruptive. One or two seemed of dubious value. Fortunately, I didn't limit my search to 5 contractors.The solution offered by Mike Alexander of Healthy Basement stood out from the others. It was by far the most professional and comprehensive. The system has been in place for over a year. My basement went from being a nightmare to being extremely valuable. It is now suitable for storing clothing without fear of mildew. Shelving was installed for a large collection of books. After a humid summer, everything was, and remains, pristine. My basement is now suitable for office work or living. I can hardly believe the difference.

- Lew H. of South hampton, NY
Wednesday, March 3rd
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