Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Linda W. in East Patchogue, NY

They were wonderful. They solved my problem and they were super. They answered all my questions. The estimate I got was what they agreed on doing it. They did a beautiful job. We live over an underground river. When we bought this house we were kids. When the water table goes up the basement floods; it’s like a river running through. Actually, I can hear the water running through the basement. We were told many years ago that the only way to do that was to dig under the foundation and put in French drains. Both my husband and I were very skeptical about digging under the foundation. I didn’t like that idea and so we didn’t do it. We dealt with surface pumps down there. We didn’t want to dig in and put a sump pump in because it didn’t flood that often. When it flooded it was awful and sometimes we pumped for 2 or 3 years before it went down. It was very expensive and of course very wet down there. I finally said I can’t handle this by myself anymore.

I am especially glad I did this last summer because when I use the surface pumps; I pump out through the cellar window and with the winter we had we would be freezing the hose up. Healthy Basement Systems went in the basement and they created a French drain around the perimeter of the basement. So when the water comes it flows around the perimeter of the basement. Then it flows over the sump pump area where there is a big industrial sump pump. They also put in a big dehumidifier. When they finished they also put in a special lining around to keep the humidity out. They also put a new cellar window. They were wonderful to work with. So far there is no water and it’s worked. It’s been a dry year. We also had a few torrential rains and sometimes that was enough to set it off. I live here in the south for some 40 years. I have never seen dust in the basement and it was always too damp down there. There is dust down there now. They are a delightful company and they did a beautiful job. So I am very happy with them.

They were here 3 or 4 days. I have all kinds of back up batteries in case there is a power failure. I have a huge sump pump, a huge dehumidifier, the digging plus couple of other things they did around here. I would say their price was excellent. I think that’s a pretty good price. The people that worked for him were fabulous too. Everybody was great. They all communicated with me. They were here when they said they would be here. They always let me know what they were doing that day and how long they will be there. They just were very professional. It was an awesome company. I have recommended them to everybody that had similar problems. They said that they were wonderful.

I found Healthy Basement Systems through a friend of mine. We live not far from the water. My friend lives closer to the water. She told me that she had used them. She told that they are amazing. Her basement is as dry as a bone. Another friend of mine had a crawl space that kept flooding and her house smelled. She told me that they were unbelievable. Now the house is great. It is totally dry and it doesn’t have that smell anymore. They just did a fantastic job. In fact, I got them through recommendation of other people that used them. I have never been so impressed by a company.

- Linda W. of East Patchogue, NY
Friday, March 8th
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