Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Mold Removal and Waterproofing in Huntington

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This Huntington home had serious issues that were bothering the homeowner. High humidity in the basement caused moisture in the air, leading to dangerous mold growth. The homeowner asked Healthy Basement Systems to come and solve their problem.


Our incredible foreman Dave and his team worked hard to fix the homeowner's issue. First, they removed the insulation in the ceiling that was filled with moisture and contributing to the humidity issue. Next, the crew performed mold remediation using CleanStart Plus, spraying it in the wall studs, staircase, and ceiling joists of the basement. Finally, our SaniDry dehumidifier was installed in the basement to control the humidity and prevent the basement from ever reaching those high humidity levels again in the future. The hard work of our Healthy Basement Systems team resulted in a waterproofed, mold-free basement!

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