Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Fixed water and humidity basement problems in Roslyn Heights, NY

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 by Gabriel Ryan


Mr. H called us in because he had water coming in from the imperfect joint where the wall meets the floor. It was mostly happening during heavy rains. To make things worse, the water problem wasn't discovered right away, so some damage was done to the items being stored in the basement. After a thorough inspection of the basement, Rich Alexander, one of our best System Designers, was able to pinpoint the exact reason for the water infiltration. After locating the lowest point in the basement, he designed a system to address the issue and to provide a permanent fix for Mr. H.



Our expert install team made a channel alongside of the unfinished wall, which catches all the water before it reaches the basement floor. Then, the water is taken to the TripleSafe (Our patented pump system) and is pumped outside through a discharge line.

Additionally, a 20mil CleanSpace liner was mounted onto the basement walls to help with the humidity issues inside the basement.

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