Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Mold Clean Up and Basement Waterproofing in Baldwin, NY

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Ms. B. had recently purchased a new home with water issues. Paid another company to fix it from the outside but evidently the problem still persisted without her knowing! Once she realized the problem wasn't addressed, the customer called us in to check the home for mold due to more water coming in and to find a way to permanently fix the water issue. Our expert System Designer Rich Alexander, who had been with the company for many years now, was able to pin point the issue and propose a solution. Right away an installation day was set.


Within a week, one of our most experienced foreman, Deon Frisbie, and his crew were at the job site. All the mold was cleaned up and Ms.B. is happy that her new home was properly waterproofed. Since then the house no longer had any more water come in.

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