Long Island Basement Remains Bone-Dry During Hurricane Sandy | Customer Testimonial


When Anthony and Lisa Romano moved into their home in Atlantic Beach, they thought they would never have to deal with a flooded basement. They were told by their neighbors that nobody in the region ever got any water in the basement, in many years.

In 2011 Hurricane Irene came along, pouring over 10 inches of rain within a 5-hour period, which flooded the entire neighborhood and the Romano’s basement. The family used the basement as additional living space, so they lost furniture, TV, electronics, gym equipment, and every item stored in the space.

After that, they decided something had to be done to prevent this damage from occurring again. They were set to live in that house for another 10 or 15 years and there weren’t willing to go through the hassle and expense of restoring a flooded basement every few years.

The Romanos then did what every savvy homeowner should do: they contacted a few waterproofing companies, obtaining a few estimates. After considering all the proposed solutions, they chose Healthy Basement Systems for the job.

They were very impressed with the powerful TripleSafe Sump Pump System: the only system that seemed capable of handling the amount of water they’d experience during a major storm, and had Healthy basement systems install two TripleSafe Systems, along with a full WaterGuard internal basement drainage system.

 When they heard the news about the impending threat of Hurricane Sandy, they wondered if their new system would withstand a storm that was being forecasted as the biggest in recorded history, and nicknamed Frankenstorm.

Anthony Romano recalls having Healthy Basement Systems service crews at their home, to perform scheduled maintenance and make sure the system was in working order, as he heard news that Sandy was brewing in the Atlantic a week before the predicted landfall.


As Sandy finally arrived, their garage began to flood. Yet the basement was still dry. After the second day of the storm, the Romanos lost all power and had to shut down the generators. The two battery-operated backup pumps kicked in and kept up with pumping out for hours, protecting their basement from the enormous amounts of water Sandy was pouring relentlessly around the area. 

Lisa’s friends texted her, worried about her basement, as she sighed with relief because her finished basement was kept dry.

Tom felt bad for their neighbors who weren’t prepared for the storm and had flooded basements. He feels that having Healthy Basement Systems fix their basement was a great investment that paid off in many ways.

 Don’t wait for the next storm to flood your basement, call Healthy Basement Systems today!  We provide Free-Estimates and our waterproofing products and services are backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty! Don’t you deserve the peace of mind of a flood-protected basement? 

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