Customer Testimonial from Lillian B. in Long Beach, NY

We called Healthy Basement Systems & one other company for an estimate to seal our crawl space. A representative of the other company came first. He went into the crawl space wearing regular work clothes, spent about 15 minutes there & came out. He showed us a couple of photos and said he would send an estimate. Eric Greenberg of Healthy Basement Systems came about 2 weeks later. But in the meantime he had sent us a book about what to expect. When Eric showered up, he sat with us and explained some of the things that might be needed, then got ready to go into the crawl space. He put on a hazmat suit, gloves and a respirator mask. He spent about 45 minutes to an hour down there, taking pictures and measurements. When he emerged, he took off the suit and came inside to go over everything. He took us step by step through the process and calculated the cost for each step. The total cost was slightly higher than the first company, but it included several things that the first quote didn't plus a few things that were an improvement. We signed up immediately. Nick Tasman was the foreman of the crew that came to do the job. They came on schedule, but due to the heavy rains from Henri, there was about 2 inches of water that had seeped up from the ground, and they didn't want to do the full job with that much water. They did what they could, which included installing the pump. It was then our job to get an electrician and a plumber to hook up the pump. Once this was done, Nick and his crew were back to complete the job. The crawl space is now dry. A difficult job done perfectly.

- Lillian B. of Long Beach, NY
Thursday, September 16th
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