Healthy Basement Systems Case Studies: Wet Finished Basement in Oceanside, NY

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 by Teresa Baldinucci


This new homeowner in Oceanside, NY knew there were some water issues when he bought the house - after all, the house is located near the water and there was a sump pump and a dehumidifier installed in the basement. But he soon found out they were not keeping his finished basement dry at all! Could Healthy Basement Systems help him?


Healthy Basement Systems came to the rescue with a multi-part solution:

1 - Installed our WaterGuard® drainage system around the perimeter of the basement 

2 - Replaced the old single-unit sump pump with our TripleSafe™ sump pump - two pumps in one unit, with a battery back-up unit in case of electrical failure

3 - Added our IceGuard® system and LawnScape™ Outlet to assure that discharged water would not back up or end up back in the basement

End result: a dry basement that is guaranteed to stay dry, and a very satisfied customer.

About the author
Teresa Baldinucci is Healthy Basement Systems' Marketing Associate. She has worked in the home improvement field for approximately 7 years, previously for a solar energy company.
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