Healthy Basement Systems Case Studies: Waterproofing and Ceiling Repair in Rockville Centre

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 by Meghan Browne


A home in Rockville Centre, NY had major issues in the basement and crawlspace that alarmed the homeowner. The ceiling of the crawlspace was sagging, creating a dip in the floor of the living room above. Additionally, the basement had flooding issues, causing water damage, mold and high humidity. The homeowner asked Healthy Basement Systems to fix the unstable ceiling and waterproof the basement!


Our foreman Dave and his dedicated team got to work quickly in solving the homeowner's problems. First, the team installed our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier on the walls of the basement and crawlspace to insulate them, keeping both areas dry. Next, our SuperSump Sump Pump system was installed in the basement, which drains water and pumps it out of the basement. The team then placed our CleanSpace Drainage Matting system and WaterGuard XL, to additionally help drain water and further prevent flooding. Once the basement was waterproofed, the team used CleanStart Plus to remove dangerous mold and prevent future mold growth. Then, the team moved on to fixing the crawlspace issues. They installed SmartJacks in the crawlspace, providing a permanent solution to the sagging ceiling. The SmartJacks stablizied the floor above the crawlspace, securing the foundation and holding up the home effectively. The homeowner no longer had to worry about their basement flooding or their living room floor sagging! Healthy Basement Systems successfully met the homeowner's needs.

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