Healthy Basement Systems Case Studies: Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in West Hempstead NY

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 by Kenneth Ruddick


The customer called us with questions about how we could improve their waterproofing system in their basement. They had an old pump that was not working effectively and water was pooling on the basement floors. They also had a crawlspace attached to the basement, which was damp and dirty. Lastly, they had an old steel beam that was supporting the basement ceiling from sagging, but the floors upstairs were starting to sag due to the makeshift pier. Rich Alexander, one of our system design specialists, assessed the situations and came up with a plan that would not only waterproof the area, but also lower the humidity and help raise the floor back to where it was.


Our install team first encapsulated the crawlspace with our patented CleanSpace encapsulation system. They sealed off the floors as well as the walls in the space, and sealed off the ventilation from the outside air with a vent cover. After encapsulating the crawlspace, our team installed the WaterGuard piping system around the full perimeter of the basement. They connected the WaterGuard system to the TripleSafe pump we installed. Next, they installed and ran a discharge line up and out of the basement, and connected the IceGuard discharge system to ensure the water gets pumped out even if the line freezes. To lower the humidity in both the basement and crawlspace, they installed the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier which will filter out the air and control the high humidity problems. Lastly, they installed the SmartJack floor support system in the crawlspace, which is our high capacity adjustable steel pier system which will repair the sagging floors in time. 

The customer now has a clean and encapsulated crawlspace and their basement has not had any water on the floors since. 

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