Healthy Basement Systems Case Studies: Failed French Drain System Upgraded to Healthy Basement Systems' Patented WaterGuard System

Monday, March 12th, 2018 by Kenneth Ruddick


Mr. and Mrs. F had an existing french drain system in their basement. The system failed due to sediment accumulation in the pipes. After a thorough inspection of the basement, Christopher Mallon, one of our best system designers, noticed the basement had water on the basement floors and the Drylok waterproof paint was peeling off the walls. The existing holes from the old system were in close proximity to the electrical service box and wires. Discharge lines ran the water away from the house but the water would run into his neighbor's yard. After his assesment, he was able to design a new system that would never get clogged, keep the basment dry forever, and would not get water into the neighbor's yard.


Deon Frisbie and his expert installation team dug a channel around the full perimeter of the basement, which will gather all the water before it reaches the basment floor. Then, the water is guided to our patented TripleSafe Pump that was installed. Lastly, the water will be pumped through a discharge line that the team ran underground and connected to an existing downspout discharge which ran into an existing dry well approximately 30 feet away from the house and not towards the neighbor's yard. Mr. and Mrs. F loved the idea and appreciated that they will never again have to deal with the neighbor's complaints. 

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