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Humidity vs. Moisture Content

Moisture is water vapor present in the air, or water traces present in a substance such as the concrete wall in your basement. Humidity is a term for air in the context of weather and climate or in this case your basement space. For example, the weatherman says “today the humidity is…” instead of saying “today the air has more moisture.”


Relative humidity is the percent of saturation at a given temperature in the air; it depends on moisture content and temperature. As air is heated, its ability to hold water vapor doubles with about every 11 degrees increase in temperature. If air is at 100 percent relative humidity at 60 degrees but is heated to 93 degrees, its relative humidity decreases to about 33 percent. Its dew point remains at 60 degrees. It’s important to know the difference between these two terms to help protect against any water damage in your basement.


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