Why/How should you keep your basement dry?

Monday, August 17th, 2020 by James Mehalakes

Having a Healthy Basement starts with keeping it dry! To avoid structural damage and expensive repairs in your home, you must make efforts to keep your basement dry. A damp basement leads to the growth of mold, fungus, and mildew; furthermore, it can cause health problems such as asthma and allergies. Thats why having your basement waterproofed is very important! Especially if you have or want a finished basement, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

When you have a wet basement not only does it become unhealthy but it also becomes a waste of space, since  your paying taxes on that space regardless if your using the space or not. Thats why you should do what is necassary to keep your basement dry.

1. Waterproofing your basement:

On the off chance that your basement is flooding, you have a significant issue! A wet basement will bring down the estimation of your home by at least 10% or more, while the overflowed water harms your walls, floors, and put away things. As mold develops, it will create an unpleasant situation in your home.

Introducing a sump pump system at the low spot in your basement, with a discharge system along the edge of wall will block groundwater before it enters your home.

We suggest waterproofing the basement from the inside as opposed to the outside.Basement Systems Dealers have successfully installed interior systems in hundreds of thousands of homes

We've seen them as quicker to install, less costly, and more effective than outside waterproofing systems. By waterproofing the inside of your basement opposed to the outside allows your beautiful landscaping to be left untouched. Best part of an interior system is that it can be readily and easily serviced should there ever be any issues.

2. Adding Waterproofing Walls

Moisture will enter the basement through the permeable concrete walls and floors. As moisture goes through the concrete walls, it will add to the mugginess level of the basement, this will empower mold development and give the space that smelly smell that basements are famous for having. At Basement Systems, we have a wide assortment of basement wall panelings accessible that can redesign your basement. Our panels can be utilized on walls of all types, including including block walls, stone walls, and uneven walls. Our wall panels incorporate options that are insulated, incorporate a brilliant warmth barrier, and give the basement a completed look. Our walls are specially designed for porous walls. 

3.  Adding a Sump Pump Back Up System

A sump pump system will quit working on the off chance that you have one pump, and that pump quits working. Sump pumps can here and there clog up, and like other mechanical utilities in your home, they'll in the long run wear out. Moreover, a blown breaker, power blackout, or coincidental unplugging of a sump pump will stop its activity. At some point or another, a solitary sump pump will fail. At the point when it does, you're in all probability going to discover just when your basement floods. A battery reinforcement sump pump is your best line of protection against flooding because of sump pump failure. Our UltraSump® Battery Backup Sump Pump can pump out in excess of 11,500 gallons of water on a completely energized battery - enough water to fill a little pool!

Also, our systems incorporates an alert system, which will shout out to advise you that it's running. Our alert can even be guided into your home security system so you can be informed with a phone call!

4. Adding Waterproofing Floors

Installing waterproof basement flooring surface will accomplish more than essentially shield dampness from rising upwards from the concrete slabs - it will likewise make a warmer, more appealing surface underneath.

Basement flooring surface can be introduced that will make a warm insulation for the basement floor, isolating you from the concrete beneath. Get rid of the ugly concrete and use an attractive waterproof flooring

5. Adding a Dehumidifier

An extraordinary method to polish off your basement is to introduce an energy efficient, self-draining basement dehumidifier. This is an incredible, low-upkeep approach to guarantee that your space is being kept dry, healthy, and prepared for use and storage.


Most dehumidifiers accessible at home improvement stores nowadays aren't sufficiently able to genuinely dry a basement - their blowing engines can't circulate the air, and they're too weak to even consider removing enough dampness to dry your home.


Our SaniDry™ XP dehumidifier is appraised to evaporate to 2,500 square feet at three times the effectiveness of home improvement store models. It can expel up to 110 pints of water per day, and it's incredible blowing engine is sufficiently able to be ducted from a storeroom into a completed storm cellar.


Additionally, a MerV-11 air filter comes standard, removing mold spores and particles from the air as small as 2 microns. An advanced digital interface and self-draining design will allow you to "set it and forget it"!



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