Foundation Repair: Why It Occurs & How To Deal With It

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 by Eric Golban

Foundation settlement is a huge problem in many homes, and it only gets worse over time. Bowing walls, sinking floors, cracking and more are all signs that your homes foundation needs repairs. The longer you wait to do these repairs on your home, the more expensive and dangerous it will become. Luckily, there are many different ways to easily and permanently fix foundation problems within your home.

First, let's understand why structural issues occur within your homes foundation. There are a few different reasons that will cause this. One of the main sources is moisture. Moisture that seeps through the foundation will build up overtime and cause what is known as hydrostatic pressure. This causes pressure to your home's foundation which over time causes sinking, slanting and a weaker home overall. Another reason may be that the soil surrounding your home has weakened over time and expanded, making it no longer durable enough to support your foundation. Clay soils will expand whenever heavy rainfall occurs. The expansion of the soil will put extra pressure on your foundation walls and basement. Other reasons for foundational issues include poorly done construction and specific damages to your structure. Regardless of what the causes of your foundational issues are, it is imperative you fix them before they get even worse.

Once one of our certified foundation repair experts observes the situation and diagnoses the cause of the problem, they can implement a permanent solution. Healthy Basement Systems has a product and a solution for every foundation repair need out there. Here are some of our products guaranteed to fix your foundation issues:

Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System: Geo Lock is great for fixing bowing walls. It comes with a 25 year warrantee and its purpose is to hold up your foundation walls in your basement, giving you a permanent fix. The Geo-Lock will stabilize your walls and gives you the possibility of straightening them back to its original positioning. It is adjustable so you can maneuver it to fit your needs over time.

How It Works: Heavy-duty anchors are rooted right outside your walls foundation. Each anchor is connected by a steel rod to a wall plate that delivers pressure against the inside of the foundation wall, holding it up and stabilizing them.

SmartJack: The SmartJack provides support for sagging floors, holding them up and allowing them to function properly. The SmartJack is adjustable, allowing it to effectively match your specific needs and requirements. The SmartJack can support over 60,000lbs of weight so you will no longer have to worry about a springy floor or a sinking foundation.

How It Works: A small hole is dug and filled with concrete. A steel column is implanted for support and cut to the appropriate height. The system is tightened into place by our experts. This will immediately stabilize the floor joists and lift the floors and walls back to the appropriate levels, strengthening them with the extra support.

Push Pier: The Push Pier will stabilize the home and is a permanent foundation solution. It will push the home back to level, has a long life span and will not be visible after installation. It is one the best alternatives to expensive complete foundation replacements.

How It Works: Steel tubes are driven through heavy-duty foundation brackets. Then, the weight of your home is carefully transferred from the unstable soils to the capable soils through the use of the piers. The structure will lift until the appropriate amount of pressure is attained.

FlexiSpan: FlexiSpan is a repair system for cracks, usually found on unstable foundation walls. Unlike other crack repairs, FlexiSpan offers additional lines of defense. It is a super effective and quick solution to leaking wall cracks and will make your walls look much better.

How It Works: In addition to a powerful seal that covers up the cracks, FlexiSpan also has a drainage channel to protect you from leaking water. All water will be redirected away from the walls, protecting any further water from entering the cracks of your walls.

Foundation issues within your home can be scary. Having a better understanding of why foundation issues occur, and what you can do to fix them will better prepare you for such issues. Call Healthy Basement Systems for a free consultation so we can diagnose your foundation problems as well as offer your best solution to fix it. Don’t wait any longer or the problems will just get worse. (631) 581-0808.

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