5 Benefits of Having A Healthy Basement

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 by Eric Golban

There is a surplus of health benefits correlated with keeping your basement fresh, dry, and healthy. These benefits are not only for your basement, but also for you, your family and everyone living inside or entering your house. A healthy basement equals a healthier you, as you are protected from an excess of otherwise detrimental insanitary conditions. Unfortunately, basements are one of the easiest parts of your house to be affected by hazardous outside conditions. This means that keeping your basement clean and protected is imperative. Here are 5 benefits to having a healthier basement:


1. No More Mold

It is no secret that mold is bad for your health. Unfortunately, mold loves to live in basements. This makes basement maintenance very important for your families overall well-being. Mold can cause a profuse amount of sicknesses including stuffy nose, scratchy throats, coughing, wheezing and irritations. A huge factor in having a healthier basement is to get rid of the mold and then follow that up by ensuring that the mold stays away. One of the best ways to do this is by waterproofing your basement. In order to do this we will safely dispose of any mold in your home. This is followed by our installation team installing our industry-leading drainage system, giving you the best possible solution to prevent further mold growth through waterproofing. We have a variety of highly efficient sump pumps that will drain away the water, combined together with our numerous vapor barrier products throughout the walls and floors of your basement that will ensure that no water gets in. If your basement is not wet and moist, mold cannot and will not live in there, keeping you protected and safe.

2. Dry Rot Prevention

Dry rot is the term for dry, rotting wood in the home. It leaves wood crumbling from its surface but can also grow through concretes materials. Along with looking unpresentable, it is also unsafe. Dry rot is caused by high humidity and causes an unattractive brown fungus to merge into your walls and deteriorate them. The fact it is caused by high humidity is actually a positive since this makes the solution for preventing dry rot very easy. The Sanidry Sedona dehumidifier does a fantastic job of making sure humidity levels do not get too high so that dry rot cannot occur. This will not only shield your basement but your entire home since hot air rises. The first line of defense starts within your basement. It is very powerful yet still energy-efficient, protecting your home while saving you money compared to other dehumidifiers on the market.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality control is important in order to live in a healthy and safe space. Lack of sufficient indoor air quality can lead to mold, mold spores, dust mites and odd odors lingering within the air of your home. You may be breathing in these harmful toxins without even realizing, or inhaling vile smells every time you enter your basement. One way to properly manage your indoor air quality control is by sealing and insulating your crawlspace. By encapsulating your crawlspace, you are allowing for a cleaner overall area, and with the addition of our vapor barriers, the area will stay dry as well. This, along with other necessary steps, will stop mold spores, dust mites and more from infecting the air in your home, keeping you healthy and strong without letting any avoidable mold spores enter your body or basement.

4. Prevents Asthma & Allergy Irritation

An unfortunate side effect of a mold-infested, unattended basement is that all the mold spores in the air that you are inhaling and taking into your body can have an effect on the respiratory system, causing asthma to emerge. This is especially common in young children and they can develop asthma which can affect them for the rest of their life. It is a shame since proper basement care can completely avoid this problem for individuals who otherwise would not have asthma. In addition to asthma, a dusty and dirty basement can cause allergies to flare up and results in allergy irritation. This is a combination of the dirty basement not being cleaned so dust builds up, which also causes dust mites which are known to reinforce allergy symptoms. Mold and mold spores also are not good for allergies. This can result in unpleasant living conditions and overall poor health. Make sure to keep your basement clean and dry to help avoid health issues.

5. Prevents Pests, Bugs & Mice from Entering Your Home

There are many reasons why pests and bugs love being unwelcomed guests in your basement. Basements are underground and therefore easily accessible to these low-crawling critters. However, proper basement management and maintenance will prevent these unsanitary pests from invading your basement. Pests and bugs need moisture to survive, so if you take care of the moisture problem in your basement, this will help keep the bugs out. Bugs will not want to go where the water that they need to survive is not present. Make sure to waterproof and dehumidify your basement to prevent any water or moisture getting in for pests to live off of. No water in the basement also means there will not be any unhygienic bugs or mice.


These are only five of the many reasons that basement management control is extremely important for a healthy living lifestyle. Buying a home is a big investment and you want to preserve it as much as possible by taking great care of your home. Just as you would take care of your body, you do not want to allow harmful substances to enter your basement and work its way through your entire house and eventually your body. The best offense is a great defense to prevent mold, pests, allergies and other infections from taking over your home and preserving your body. Make sure you basement maintenance is up to date and protected.

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