5 Reasons Why Our Basement Waterproofing Systems Work Better than the Competitions

Friday, July 6th, 2018 by Kenneth Ruddick

Choosing a basement waterproofing contractor can be both daunting and challenging. Many people shop around before making a decision on who they will work with. There are so many companies to choose from, and sometimes a customer will go with whoever offers the lowest price. Don't settle for low quality waterproofing systems. Meet the superstars of the waterproofing industry. These are some of the reasons why you should choose Healthy Basement Systems to fix your wet basement and keep it permanently dry:

1. Our commitment to research with years of "below-grade" experience has enabled Healthy Basement Systems to develop an extensive selection of industry-leading products that effectively solve your basement problems. The products we carry have been awarded more than 30 patents and 19 innovation prizes such as our sump pumps, dehumidifiers and drainage pipes. Low-tech French drain systems are difficult to install, they have clogging issues, and are expensive to maintain. Other companies install sump pumps that are in open containers, which are not visually appealing and they can accumulate debris inside. 

2. Our TripleSafe sump pump system has three pumps to give you complete protection. If your first pump fails or can't keep up with the water, then the primary and more powerful secondary pump runs at the same time- more than doubling capacity. And if your power goes out, an UltraSump Battery Back-Up pump takes over. And this is all automatic!

3. Our patented WaterGuard piping system is engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without worry of clogging from soils under the floor. The WaterGuard system intercepts water at the perimeter of your basement and carries it safely away. WaterGuard is engineered not to sit in the dirt, so clogging from sediment under the floor is not a problem. Special wall flange created space between the floor and wall allowing wall seepage to drain while keeping dirt and debris out. WaterGuard also boasts a removable cover which works well as an inspection port or continuous dehumidifier drain.

4. Our various patented wall systems can render your dark, ugly, damp basement walls to look dry with a clean finished look that is just as functional as they are insulating. The ZenWall looks great, as it insulates and is washable as well as mold resistant. Our BrightWall provides a clean, bright semi-finished look to your basement walls while stopping water vapor from permeating your walls and draining any leaks down to our WaterGuard system. It is also extremely durable and mold resistant as well. If you plan on finishing your basement walls, out ThermalDry wall system stops water vapor, drains wall leaks, and reflects up to 97% of the indoor heat back into the basement. This saves energy and money because your heat is not absorbed and lost into your cold foundation basement walls.

5. Our ThermalDry basement floor systems turn cold, damp, hard concrete into beautiful, dry comfortable floors.  A basement space is different than the space in the rest of the house. A concrete basement floor is cold, and an unending stream of water vapor slowly diffuses through the porous concrete floor into the basement. Countless traditional carpets have been ripped out and replaced in basements because they trapped water vapor and allowed mold to grow and odors to emanate. Wood or wood products will surely be ruined by a leak or water vapor. There is no organic material in ThermalDry basement floor systems, so they will not support mold growth. They have raised pegs on the bottom to suspend your basement floor above the cold concrete floor. If there is a leak, the ThermalDry tiles can easily be removed, the floor dried out, and the tiles can be reinstalled without having to replace a thing! 

Of course, our superior products come with a lifetime warranty of the home. Even if you sell the home, the new homeowner's products are still protected by our warranty. Call today to find out how Healthy Basement Systems can solve any of your basement waterproofing needs! 

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