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Healthy Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Plainview. Learn more about Healthy Basement Systems's recent work requests in Plainview and nearby areas!

Learn more about Healthy Basement Systems' recent work requests in Plainview, NY
Vicinity of Jerold Street' in Plainview
Hi, I have few openings or cracks in my boiler room where we have had some insects enter, would like to seal up cracks in corners of my boiler room floor and wall. Boiler room is located in my basement. Not sure if you can assist with this. Thanks
Vicinity of Bentley Rd. in Plainview
Water has been leaking into the basement for years through several cracks in the foundation and two of the windows. I'd like to set up a time for an inspection and estimate.
Vicinity of Knickerbocker Rd in Plainview
We have a finished basement and there seems to be water under our floors in a certain part of the basement. would like to discuss options
Vicinity of Morton Blvd. in Plainview
I have a drain in the unfinished portion of my basement where I drain water from my dehumidifier. The drain doesnt have any outlet and water seeps in the ground. Lately the drain has been over flowing. I am wondering what could be an economical solution to prevent this from happening and still be able to drain water from my dehumidifier. I would appreciate if your company can have a look at it and suggest some solution with the cost involved.
Vicinity of Nassau Ave. in Plainview
My basement has leaked from the floor before. However, this recent storm we had was the worst it's been since we moved here. We would like an estimate of what we can do to waterproof it. Thanks, Ken
Vicinity of Harold Court in Plainview
I have a 20 yr. old crawl space under an extended kitchen (approx 12' x 20') that I would like inspected. Access to the crawl space is from the basement. One crawl space vent needs a minor repair. I would also like the hot and cold water pipes in the crawl space wrapped with heat tape for cold weather protection of the kitchen water lines. There is currently heat tape on the cold water pipe but I'm not certain it is working any longer. I would like to schedule a free inspection and estimate. Thank you.

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