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Healthy Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Oceanside. Learn more about Healthy Basement Systems's recent work requests in Oceanside and nearby areas!

Learn more about Healthy Basement Systems' recent work requests in Oceanside, NY
Vicinity of Frederick St in Oceanside
We want to get an estimate on sump pump/waterproofing basement due to repeated flooding.
Vicinity of Mott Street in Oceanside
Please provide quote for sump pump installation
Vicinity of Henrietta Ave in Oceanside
Would like to know my options for waterproofing basement.
Vicinity of Evans Avenue in Oceanside
I just need some one to clean out the crawl space some debris ,and water proofing , with spraying for mold.
Vicinity of Freeman Ave in Oceanside
Looking to inspect and clean/disinfect my crawlspace.
Vicinity of W Cortland Ave in Oceanside
Our home was flooded on the first floor it is the crawl space under the house, the garage, and a small family room. We would appreciate an estimate for the house does have an odor. We have of course cleared out most small stuff. thanks Bill
Vicinity of Stevens Street in Oceanside
Severe flood damage from storm. 2-3 feet standing water still in basement. have claim number from insurance. need help ASAP. Please contact if available. Thank you.
Vicinity of Carrel Blvd in Oceanside
Estimate for vapor barrier for dirt crawl space.
Vicinity of Fifth St. in Oceanside
Can I get an estimate for a french drain system for my home? I have been having water problems for the past couple of years. Thanks, Matt
Vicinity of Adeline St in Oceanside
Interested in getting a sump pump installed
Vicinity of Foxdale Avenue in Oceanside
We have some mold issues from under wet carpet and peeling concrete in the basement. We need an evaulation.
Vicinity of Elliott Boulevard in Oceanside
I just bought my house. I have a new sump pump - but its not HOOKED up. It does not have an exit for the water to be pumped outside. So, I had to hook up a 100 ft house to get the water outside. I need to have an exit installed. Also, I am interested in the triple safe sump pump. I am interested in a free estimate.
Vicinity of Bunker Dr in Oceanside
Our basement recently flooded, and we'd like an estimate to remove any mold, damaged parts of the basement, and repair any existing wall cracks. We aren't ready to remodel fully, but would like to make our home more energy efficient and dry!
Vicinity of W Waukena Ave in Oceanside
Basement was flooded after heavy rain fall.
Vicinity of Oceanside Road in Oceanside
Hi I have a Crawl Space that needs to be looked at. I would like a free estimate on how to remedy some issues. This past weekend it rained alot and i noticed we got watter into the crawl space, i really dont want Mold to start to grow down there.
Vicinity of Poplart in Oceanside
I have a sub level basement which has recently been flooding bacause of ground water
Vicinity of Bayfield in Oceanside
I have half basement and half crawlspace. My backyard is collecting water when it rains and with the high tide we get about an inch or.two in the basement.
Vicinity of Elliott Blvd in Oceanside
I have a finished basement...well it WAS finished but flooded last Tuesday. I would like estimates on installing sump pumps and whatever else can help prevent this from happening again.
Vicinity of Fourth St. in Oceanside
Dampness coming the basement floor I would like to have sealed.

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