Good Reasons to Seal and Encapsulate your Crawl Space in Long Island | Ask the Expert

In this "Ask the Expert Video", a customer in Woodmere, NY asks Bill about the benefits of having the crawl space encapsulated.

Because the air inside any building always moves upwards -- a physics phenomenon known in building science as the "stack effect" -- the crawl space (or basement) and the attic are always the two biggest source of energy waste in a home. Ther air that you paid to cool and heat is consistently rising and leaking out through the attic. As a result, negative pressure builds up at the lower levels causing unconditioned air from the outside to be sucked into the living area through the crawl space. In fact 1/3 of the air you breath is coming from the crawl space -- and if it is full of mold spores, dust mite pellets and any other pollutants commonly found in crawl spaces, you and your family are breathing that too.

Your heating and cooling system are also working harder to keep up with all that air leakage. A properly sealed crawl space can improve indoor air quality and save you a bundle in heating and cooling costs. Encapsulated crawl spaces make homes an average of 18% more energy efficient!

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