Problems with Vented and Dirt-Floored Crawl Spaces in Long Island| Ask the Expert

In this video, a customer from Deer Park, NY asks Simone what are some of the common problems you can experience if your home sits on a dirt-floored, vented crawl space.

Having inspected and fixed many crawl spaces throughout Long Island, Bill Simone knows firsthand all the nasty problems you can find right under the home. A few examples include, standing water, mold growth, dry rot and decaying wood, bad odors that spread throughout the house, as well as moisture loving pests such as termites and rodents are common in these types of crawl spaces.

To prevent moisture related problems from compromising the structural integrity of the house, it is very important to have a vented crawl space sealed, encapsulated and conditioned as soon as possible. Healthy Basement Systems is Long Island's exclusive dealer for the revolutionary CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System: the first of its kind and is the most advanced system for effective crawl space moisture control, developed by the company that pioneered Crawl Space Encapsulation Technology worldwide.

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