Turning Unfinished Basements into Living Spaces| Remodeled Flooring Long Island

In this video, Simone helps a homeowner in Massapequa, NY understand the steps involved in turning an unfinished basement into a living space, after it is properly waterproofed.

Even if the basement has proper drainage and a sump pump, ground water may seep through the walls because through capillary action, because concrete is very porous. Before you start finishing a basement, you should consider the installation of a vapor barrier against the walls and floor, to keep ground water from evaporating into the basement, which can lead to mold problems.

Healthy Basement Systems offers a variety of vapor barriers for your basement wall -- from puncture proof 20mil liners, to foil lined barriers that help save energy by reflecting heat back into the basement, to acrylic panels that give your basement walls a nice semi-finished look.

The floors can be lined with ThermalDry Flooring or Sub-flooring tiles, which are 100% waterproof, acts as a vapor barrier and provides some level of thermal protection.
Thermal Dry tiles are floating and interlocking. They can be installed directly over concrete without any adhesives.

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