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Sump pumps are the heart of any basement waterproofing system. If the sump pump fails, the basement will flood. In this episode of "Ask the Expert", Simone answers a question from a Bayport, NY customer concerning the best sump pump system to keep his basement dry.

Simone explains that the best sump pump in the world will eventually fail at some point. It can be a power outage, a jammed switch or it can be a heavy downpour the pump can't keep up with. That is why it is very important to have at least one backup sump pump -- preferably a battery-operated unit to pick up the tab when the power is off.

For customers who want top of the line basement security, especially when they are away from home, on vacation, or on business trips, the best choice according to Simone is the TripleSafe Sump Pump System. It has two backup pumps: an electricity-powered pump and a battery backup sump pump. Combined, these three pumps are sure to reduce the odds of a basement flood to statistical insignificance, no matter what Mother Nature has in store!

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