Why Do I Get Water in My Basement? | Ask the Expert

In this video, Simone answers a question from a Bellmore, NY customer, which is also one of the most frequently asked questions by many of his local customers. How does water get into a basement, and how do you get rid of it?

According to Simone, clogged or improperly installed foundation drainage systems are the most common causes of basement leaks. Typical foundation drain tiles (commonly called French drains) are basically perforated pipes, sometimes wrapped in cloth, which are then buried deep by the foundation footing. It is only a matter of time until dirt and silt gets into the pipe, clogging the entire system. When that happens, the ground around the foundation becomes oversaturated with water, and the resulting hydrostatic pressure causes the water to find its way into the basement. It can seep through a visible crack, a joint between the walls and floor, or mortar joints in cinderblock or stone walls. It can also seep through the concrete itself through capillary action.

To effectively and permanently solve this common problem, Bill Simone and his team at Healthy Basement Systems, offer the award-winning WaterGuard System. This system is specifically designed to be installed along the internal perimeter of the basement, on top of the footing -- an area where dirt and silt can hardly get into the drainage tiles. The system is also designed to be serviceable. It can be inspected periodically and flushed as needed for everlasting functionality and is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty!

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