Healthy Basement Systems keeps Long Island Basements Dry during the Storm

When they heard that Hurricane Sandy was going to make landfall on the East Coast, on October 2012, Long Island homeowners, whose basements were previously ruined by Hurricane Irene, were anticipating a new, devastating basement flood.

The prospects were grim. Meteorologists predicted a monster storm- the biggest in recorded history with powerful winds and an enormous amount of precipitation. Sandy was nicknamed “Frankenstorm”.

Luckily for them, right after dealing with the costs, hassle of flood cleanup, and disaster restoration in the aftermath of Irene, these two families had Healthy Basement Systems come and install full perimeter WaterGuard basement drainage systems and a TripleSafe sump pump, to protect their basements. 

Yet, with such a huge storm underway, how could their basement stay dry and escape the impending disaster?

When Sandy finally arrived, they saw the waters rise and flood the entire neighborhood. Their neighbors once again saw their basements under water, as sump pumps were rendered useless by prolonged and wide-spread power outages.

Yet, all through the storm, their basements remained bone dry. The powerful TripleSafe system worked non-stop to pump water away, and when the homeowners -- just like millions in the East Coast -- lost power, the battery-operated backup sump pump kicked in, and protected the basement until the flood waters receded.

Healthy Basement Systems is the only authorized Basement Systems dealer in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, in Long Island with exclusive access to the WaterGuard drainage system, the TripleSafe Sump Pump system, and 28 patented and award-winning products to fix wet basements and crawl spaces.

Don’t wait for the next storm to flood your basement, call Healthy Basement Systems today and find out how easily and affordably it is to have a basement dry… all the time!

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